MagicIWB Agent is a companion client application of SamsungĂ­s proprietary MagicIWB software solution. This solution can be use by

Built by TejeshwarGill.

The Project

Magic IWB solution have following component-

1. MagicIWB Board I: The Interactive Whiteboard is a solution that allows user to draw freely and use multimedia content over a large touch screen with touch gestures.
2. MagicIWB Manager: It is an application that allows user to control and monitor the participant devices (MagicIWB Agent application). It also allows screen sharing among participants, remotely controlling device and many more features for Class/Meeting management.
3. MagicIWB Agent: It is an application to be used by participants of the interactive session.

MagicIWB Agent application has following features-
- Join the Class/Meeting opened by the MagicIWB Manager/Board I
- Question: Send a question to MagicIWB Manager with text/annotation and file attachments
- Upload file: Send multimedia files from MagicIWB Agent device to MagicIWB Manager/Board I.
- Document Viewer: To view documents shared by MagicIWB Manager/Board I. Participant who has authority can perform annotation remotely over the currently opened document and share with all the participants.
- Quick Memo - MagicIWB Agent can send memo with text/annotation to MagicIWB Manager/Board I.
- Shared Folder - MagicIWB Agent can share file(s) locally on the device, these files can be accessed from Board I PC for Add, Delete and Update operation.

How to use:
- Network Environment: To attend a Class/Meeting, ensure that MagicIWB Manager/Board I PC and MagicIWB Agent device(s) are in the same wireless network.
- Connect to MagicIWB Manager/Board I: In Device search screen you can see currently hosted Class/Meeting list. Select a Class/Meeting to join in the session.

MagicIWB Manager Link:

This version support following language
- English and Korean