Kid connection is an extremely simple yet very powerful and effective way to communicate with your young children using their iPod

Built by TejeshwarGill.

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The Project

This Project was made in my duration with iApp Technologies as an iPhone developer.

Imagine your 2-6 year old child being able to communicate to you that they’re home safe from school,
arrive to grandma’s house, or are just having a good time at the sitters. The app is designed so it can be
used by very small children and parents love it! Children simply press the picture associated with the
task they want to preform and the app does the rest.


• A quick and intuitive contacts app for kids to make calls or send simple emails using custom buttons and settings

• Can use to communicate with a parents/guardians in another room, or on the other side of the country

• Give parents peace of mind when they’re away from their children

• Allows very young children to access their favorite youtube channels and browse independently

• Can be set up to link to ANY website for one click, with an easily recognizable custom button of your choice

Let your child’s iPod touch become a powerful and useful communication tool.

On the main page click settings, and then click on the box you would like to edit. Then, set up the contact information you want available for that button. The information entered changes how the button will behave. You do all the hard work, and then the child is presented with the options you've provided. That's!

Kid Connection