Hi! We're Brian and Sarah, and we're the team that's proud to bring you the Global Cycle Coach - http://www.globalfitnessapps.com/

Built by TejeshwarGill.

iphone health fitness cycle

The Project

Global Cycle Coach is like having a gym full of personal indoor cycling instructors right on your iphone.

With Global Cycle Coach you can learn to spin or improve upon your indoor cycling skills (or “spinning”)–without needing to go to a class. Expert coaches from around the world provide world-class instruction to you, and are accompanied by diverse music that will help you stay motivated and engaged. The app begins with an optional review of the spinning basics—with audio instructions and images. Then, you can select the coach that you want to lead your 40-minute workout.

The classes vary in intensity level and skills required—ranging from beginner to advanced courses. No other fitness application on the market provides complete, personalized spin training while giving you the opportunity to select the type of coach and class that best fits your personal style and needs.

**Key Features**

- Choose from four coaches and eight different classes.

- GREAT DEAL! classes starting at $0.99!!

- Choose between your music or the instructors music.

- Once you purchase a class its yours to keep and listen to as many times as you like.

- If you uninstall and reinstall Global Cycle Coach you can download your perviously purchased classes again at no charge.

- Track your calories and progress through during a class.

Global Cycle Coach is a simple and sleek app that focuses on one goal: to bring you the best personal spin coaching anytime, anywhere.

Global Cycle Coach: Your Spinning App