A free business diary app that allows hand writing to be used to quickly add notes. Notes can be colour coded and labeled to make

Built by TejeshwarGill.

iphone ipad diary calendar

The Project

This Project was made in my duration with iApp Technologies as an iPhone developer.


• Quickly hand-write notes using your finger or any iPad compatible stylus
• Keep organized by coding your diary entries with a range of searchable colour tags.
• Further organize your diary entries by labeling them with searchable text labels that can be found with a tap of the search button.
• Make your diary entries easy to read and understand by writing in different colours and bolding up writing with thicker pen sizes
• Email selected diary entries to colleagues or friends
• Backup your data by synchronizing to your Dropbox
• Never buy another diary as it covers indefinite years in the past and future
• Use eraser and undo features to quickly correct mistakes
• Comes with easy to spot date banners that show you where you’ve entered notes