June 14th, 2019 by stewartbishopp


Hi, if you don’t know what kind of tool is needed, contact https://protoolsadviser.com/ . When it comes to purchasing a tool for household needs, most of us turn into children. We so enthusiastically surrender to this process that gradually the space reserved for the tool absorbs the entire volume of the storeroom. Therefore, if you are not a home-craftsman and you do not devote all your free time to your hobby, it is better to make a list of the necessary tools right away and, verifying it with what you already have in your arsenal, simply buy the missing one. A set of home tools is usually completed for many years, so only in rare cases do you have to start forming it from scratch. But if you are a woman and begin an independent life, then surely in your arsenal there is nothing worse than a nail file. This is exactly the option when you have to go through the entire list of tools, although for independent use women will need far from everything that is in it. On sale there are quite large tool kits, which are called "universal set". But often in this set there is not all that may be needed, but there are completely unnecessary positions. Therefore, it is better to buy tools "at retail". So, in every house there must be: A hammer - usual with a metal head. Screwdriver, more precisely - a few screwdrivers. They come in different types. But the main two - "flat" and "cruciform". Their main purpose is screwing - turning in screws, screws, bolts. Choose a tool for your specific needs. For electrical work, it is necessary to have an indicator screwdriver with which you can determine the presence of voltage on the phases. Pliers (pliers, pliers). The handles of this tool must have insulating plates to prevent electric shock. Such a tool is suitable for both carpentry and plumbing work. Wrenches - designed to work with bolts that have a hex head. Wrenches have many sizes and shapes in accordance with the sizes of bolts. You can purchase a set of keys, then you will have a tool “for all occasions”. The whole set of keys can replace the adjustable wrench, it is almost universal, but because of the size it is not always convenient for them to work. In addition, you are unlikely to use it to unscrew the rusty bolt. Hacksaw for wood. It is necessary for sawing wooden parts (bars, glazing beads, rails). The size of the hacksaw itself and the size of its teeth depend on the type of work performed. If you live in your home, then you should have several hacksaws and, possibly, a two-handed saw (for sawing wood). Hacksaw - used for sawing various metal parts and even pipes. Do not forget to purchase a few spare canvases, as they quickly fail. The ax - serves both for chopping firewood, and for weighting wooden parts. The reverse side of the ax can hammer a pair of nails, but it is still better to use it for its intended purpose. Roulette - a ruler of soft elastic material, twisted into a reel. Flashlight - manual or for putting on the head. It is very convenient if you need to carry out electrical work in the evening or in poorly lit places when the machine is turned off. A small set of nails, screws and dowels of different caliber in the case when the "store is already closed." Gas keys - necessary for the production of plumbing. With their help, it is convenient to change batteries, unwind the pipes, clamp various objects. If you intend to perform large volumes of any work, then power tools will help speed up their implementation. To speed up the work are used: Drill - is used for drilling holes. It is better, of course, to use an electric tool. If it is supposed to drill holes in concrete walls, then you will need a tool equipped with a perforator function. Drills of various diameters for different materials are necessary for work with a drill. Jigsaw - will help to easily cut small bars or even logs, a sheet of hardboard or chipboard, as well as make curly cuts. For sawing large logs and boards it is better to use a chainsaw. Screwdriver - a kind of electric screwdriver - used when performing large amounts of work on screwing - unscrewing screws and wood screws. The Bulgarian - serves for sawing of solid materials like paving slabs, metal pipes, slate, metal sheets, a professional flooring. All these power tools should be purchased only if you are engaged in construction or has a house of your own, a summer house. In other cases, to perform one-time work they can be rented for a short time. Just keep in mind that all consumables - drills, nozzles for the screwdriver, circles for the grinder and jigsaw need to be purchased independently. To store the tool, you can take a separate shelf in the pantry or buy a special plate.stick box with multiple compartments. Thus, the set of essential tools in the house is quite small. In various unforeseen circumstances, you can get by with a minimum of tools, and buy the rest later if necessary.