May 22nd, 2013 by skipsoft


Do you know how to measure our success, by your icon persons or your friends or your country standard? No, that’s wrong. You can’t measure your success by others. Just measure by only your standard.

If you want success, you must need golden goals. You can beat your golden goal by your self-confidence. If you have not self-confidence, you can’t beat your goal, that’s simple.

Self-confidence should be self-confidence. This mean should not have too high and too low self-confidence. If too, that’s can destroy you.

How to improve your self-confidence? Following are my ideas.

You should tidy and smart to get high confidence. We can’t decide a person’s mind with the clothes but, you need to wear tidy when you first meet with someone special .So, you can’t denied that is the need one. The uncomfortable clothes and not tidy may low down your self-confidence. So, you need to wear comfortable one to raise your own style but don’t need the expensive price. The main point is need to tidy and comfortable and smart to get high confidence.

You must change walking style for improve your self-confidence. That’s basic. Your walking style can show your general emotion. We can know lazy or worry guy when we see other person walking style. Please try your walking speed up to 10% ~ 20%. You can feel more smarter and more comfortable and hight confidence. So, you need to wear tidy and comfortable than need to smart walking style.

Thinking positive and don’t thinking negative. Negative mind will take down your self-confidence. You should be thankful for what you have and what you did. Everyone has his own fault. So, don’t thinking your past fault. Try to change your past to future. Thinking your past fault may low down your self-confidence. You must thinking you can do everything. Be remember what your past success or win when you feel you can’t. So, don’t thinking negative.

You should control your emotion. Being excited might affect your self confidence in negative way and your speaking and behaviours might go wrong whenever you are exciting too much.

Your health is main point for your success and your self-confidence. If you not well, your mind not well too. If your mind not well, your self-confidence will low down. Take care your body size too. Too fat and too thin may low down your self-confidence.

Self-confidence is direct link to your success. If you want success, you must improve your confidence. When improve your confidence, you will more success. That’s simple looping.