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The little things

One thing that separates great products from average products is that the little things are done right. Those tiny little annoyances add up.

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Living without an SSD

Two years ago I switched from using a MacBook Pro with a regular hard-drive to a MacBook Air with an SSD drive. Last week, due to the flat above mine flooding, my MacBook Air no longer exists and I've had to switch back to the Pro. I've now spent 7 days using a machine that doesn't have an SSD drive.

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Products that sell themselves

Like most people, I tend to hate adverts except for the occasional few. Every so often, you'll find an advert that works really well.

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Elon Musk and negative feedback

Kevin Rose is running a series on Foundation where he interviews prolific startup types, and his latest video is with SpaceX and Tesla creator Elon Musk.

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Launching search

Hoverboard is still in beta and, like most things in beta, is missing some crucial features. The most glaring omission was a way to search through all the Hoverboard portfolios.

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The user is drunk

The guys at Squareweave often put together interesting video snippets that talk about design, UI, data and more.

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Shipping Hoverboard

Today, I'm happy to say that I'm shipping my next side project - Hoverboard. Hoverboard gives coders & designers a nicely designed, responsive portfolio to show off their projects.

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Design by committee

Alex Limi, who works on product design strategy at Firefox, recently wrote an interesting post about how the browser was shipping with options that would significantly destroy the product for most of their users.

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