Iodine Med Labels are an easier way to search and read FDA product labels online.

Built by michaelwschultz.

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The Project

Medications come with package inserts that contain important information and precautions. These labels are tough to read. Iodine Med Labels are an easier way to search and read U.S. Food and Drug Administration product labels.

This product is still early, but I'm learning a lot about how people search for drug information and what they hope to get out of it. I'm constantly making iterations to the design to better suit their needs.

View beautifully crafted drug information at http://iodine.com/label

Iodine • Med Labels

Press & Testimonials

"Interesting use of data visualization in health. @Iodine is delivering better personal healthcare data." - Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frisk, M.D.
"Guys at @iodine use good design to make Lab Results and Drug Information easy to understand for patients. #beautiful and #brilliant" - Cecilia Zenteno
"Med Labels tool makes it easier to search and read FDA drug information online. Very handy." - RoundingWell
"From @iodine comes Med Labels http://www.iodine.com/label/ - A very resourceful redesign of the FDA Product Label. Check it out #DuqRxStudents" - Duquesne Pharmacy


Early Product Release

Shipping Med Labels was a big step. Our product is lean but we think it adds enough value to make it available to the public and find out how they will use it.

We are already seeing some interesting trends and have begun iterations on both the design and the content. Lookout world, we are changing the way you get drug information. :)

November 2013