May 11th, 2013 by michaelwschultz

Just Execute

I got a lot out of this short read and if you are having trouble executing on your ideas from start to finish, read this book.


I read a book recently called Execute by Josh Long and Drew Wilson. I will admit this was the first book I've read since college. Er...high school. No, I'm lying. If I'm really honest, it's probably the first book I've read cover to cover since the Goosebumps book The Abominable Snowman Of Pasadena 1995.

I bring that up because I'm just not a book person. I honestly don't like the medium. Book bindings are so tight that you constantly have to pry the two halves apart to read the last final words on each line. How do people enjoy this?

That being said. I couldn't put the book down. Josh has an awesome way of writing and I was super interested in the topic. Executing is something I struggle with daily. When I'm motivated to work, I don't always put that energy to the best use. Right now, I'm writing this post about executing instead of using this time to complete about 3 projects that have to be done tomorrow. Although I'm glad I'm finally getting around to writing this post, you have to have priorities too.

If you aren't executing, or planning you are stalling.

This was probably the single best takeaway I got from Execute. The book does an awesome job of NOT talking about the do's and dont's, and instead explaining the process of what it's like to be in perpetual inspiration and what systems to put in place to get there.

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