~ Michael Schultz

The Most Valuable Thing I Ever Made, A Button

Allow anyone with a debit card to send money through this elegant “pay me” button.

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The Reverse MMO

Thinking about death in a videogame isn't anything new. Death in the virtual world doesn't mean finality. It means that you have to start over/start at the last checkpoint, pay more to continue; in it's simplest terms lose some of what you gained.

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The Rdio Model

It's been a blast watching Rdio evolve over the past two years. They iterate often and aren't afraid to changing the status quo. Through their efforts, I've discovered a product model that I will be testing soon.

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Passionate Wealth

When you are about to start a new idea/project. Ask yourself 3 questions.

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Just Execute

I got a lot out of this short read and if you are having trouble executing on your ideas from start to finish, read this book.

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