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We specialize in installation and repair for garage doors in homes and commercial offices in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. We have the greatest service around and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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Garage Door Cables R Us

Garage door cables don’t get talked about much, but your door would simply not work without them. They are what combine all the moving parts together. The spring has power and the cable transforms that power into useful work. The cables run from the end of a spring to a pully or drum and then to the bottom of the garage door.
There are several considerations to take in order to get a proper cable for your garage door. The type of garage door dictates a lot. High lift and vertical lift garage doors need the longest cables.
http://ddmgaragedoors.com/diy-instructions/replace-garage-door-torsion-springs.php#reinstall – This is a wonderful resource for helping a less experienced person install garage door cables. Check it out and be careful! It has lots of pictures to help illustrate the process.
https://www.garagedoornation.com/blogs/home/16321820-how-to-replace-your-garage-door-cables - You can check this page out for a very well written, step-by-step breakdown of how to do it yourself.

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