20 Uniquely Handcrafted Vector Faces

Built by ianmain.

The Project

We're all unique, that's why each 20 of these lil vector faces contained in this set have been 100% handcrafted to not only be unique, but represent clear characteristics of who we all are. They have personalities, they are cultural, they are just like you, minus the time it takes to be presentable in the morning! They always look good! ;)

It's hard to describe how much time and thought has gone into this set. We wanted to release something that is truly unique, but obviously useful and fun for you.

In this set you will find 20 unique male and female vector faces + 1 mystery face of someone we all love and admire ;). When we say unique, we really mean it. Each facial feature has been painstakingly tweaked and designed to fit that person accordingly. We have provided a wide range of racial, cultural, and expressional characteristics to the lil faces so you have maximum flexibility when using this set in your designs and work.

Lil Faces