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Game Designer

Gameloft Indonesia, Yogyakarta, ID

As a Game Designer on a java massport team, I currently work on a game that must be ported on many java-based device, from 480x800 resolution screen 'till 128x128 resolution screen. Designs all gameplay, conceiving and designing the rules and structure of a game, fixing GUI bugs and repeatedly delivered projects under tight deadlines. Create and update detailed game design documents composed of functional, technical and artistic specifications. Use company technology to create and/or modify game content and to ensure game play balance. Maintain updated documentation of all design aspects for the project and game overall quality.

July 2012 - Present

Quality Assurance

Gameloft Indonesia, Yogyakarta, ID

As a Quality Assurance on a mass ports gameplay team I've been working on 3 mobile games on multiple java-based devices, result oriented, repeatedly delivered projects under tight deadlines. In Social Network System (SNS) team I've been working on 4 games on Facebook, hi5, Tuenti, StudyVZ, Hangame, Cryworld, Hangame Japan, Yahoo! Mobage, Gameloft Live and etc. In Android HD+ team I've been working on 3 games on Android devices with High-Definition resolution screen. And the last as a Quality Assurance I've been working on Gameloft LIVE! team, controlling and reporting bugs issued on wap stand-alone website for mobile browser.

February 2011 - July 2012