October 10th, 2019 by chrisjenlifestyle

The Best Reusable Sandwich Bags of 2019

Most Americans are becoming more mindful of the waste left behind by single-use plastic items following the trend of using reusable straws and bags. For example, those plastic sandwich baggies that go right after lunch into the garbage. Try reusable sandwich bags to save the environment (and your conscience).


Such baggies are usually safe for dishwasher, making them easy for your favorite sandwiches to clean and recycle when you take your classic brown bagged lunch to work or school. There are a few brands out there that make reusable sandwich bags that range from fun designs to the classic look of a plastic bag. They can also be used when you're on the go to hold snacks or different supplies.

Surprisingly, some of these bags are uncomfortable shapes, difficult to use and wash irritating. In order to streamline your packed lunches, we have spent time checking five reusable sandwich bags (and enjoying loads of sandwiches) to determine which ones are best to use and could keep over time.

Here are the best reusable sandwich bags:

  1. Lunch skins Reusable 2-Pack Bag Set

I was really surprised by the Lunch skins bag. I was skeptical about kitschy patterns and Velcro seal that it would actually keep a very long sandwich fresh. But out of all the bags, Lunch skins was the only one that seemed to have any temperature protection, making it ideal all day long to keep in a lunch bag.

  1. Re-zip Lay-Flat Reusable Storage Bag

The re-zip bags ' plastic material makes it highly flexible. You can not only carry sandwiches, but they're also healthy for dishwasher, refrigerator and good for putting snacks and toiletries when you're traveling, offering you multi-use storage bags.

  1. Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bag

I had high hopes for the silicone bag after seeing Stasher bags throughout the internet. I noticed the dense material squishing the sandwiches, however, and it took quite some time to get them through the opening and some of the bread ripped in the process. I also had to turn around the sandwiches to make they fit. But there were no suitable issues with smaller sandwiches.

  1. Diweiya Reusable Sandwich Bags

The Dewey is a great reusable sandwich bag to choose from with a few fun designs. Fitting the thicker sandwiches without squishing them was a little bit small, but should work for most sandwiches of kid-size. Sometimes I have been struggling to move the opening of the zipper, which makes me worry that over time it will catch.

  1. Chrisjen Lifestyle Reusable Food Storage Bags

A reusable food storage bag is an effective and efficient way to organize your home and kitchen.

• These PEVA reusable storage bags are ideal for lunch, snacks, and sandwich packing. You can use it to preserve food, fruits, vegetables, etc.
• Other than these, it can be a travel tool to organize soaps, creams, talcum powder, tablets, etc.
• It has a double lock zipper that makes it a leak-proof product. It is one of the best alternative options to replace air-tight containers and boxes.

Food and fruits organizer: Use this peva storage bags to preserve fruits.

Vegetable organizer: It is now easy to store vegetables and salads with the new vegetable organizer a storage bag.

It is made up of food-grade PEVA, a non-chlorinated vinyl. It is a healthier option than PVC. The best thing, it is reusable that contributes to our planet to keep it free from plastic waste.


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