October 10th, 2019 by chrisjenlifestyle

Magnetic Products that Will Make Life Easy in the Kitchen

Magnets in kitchen storage and organizing are an underrated and under-appreciated friend. In small kitchens with few cabinets and paltry counter room, this is particularly true. Here are top and clever items that use magnets to help you keep everything you need at your disposal and help you give your kitchen a smooth look.

  1. Magnetic Kitchen Towel Holder-


I hung my kitchen towel around my refrigerator handle and on a hook, but I really love the user-friendliness of just sticking it right in the fridge. When I'm in a hurry, I take it off and throw it back on. If you have a high nickel content stainless steel fridge, magnets may not hold–test the refrigerator sides that may have different materials or try it on your oven or other large appliance as pictured.

  1. Magnetic Measuring Spoons -


I wouldn't recommend cluttering your oven or fridge with these if you don't cook or bake much, but if you do, hanging one or two of them can save you time sorting through your utensils. And, of course, the magnets keep the package together if you nest them.

  1. Magnetic tablet & cell phone stand -


If you enjoy reading recipes while you are cooking on your tablet or phone, you may like a stand to hold it. This one works by inserting a thin metal disk (or directly connecting it to the device) into your holder and then adding it to the magnetic base. It rotates 360 ° so that you can move it to the best angle.

  1. Magnetic Spice Jars -


Free space in the cabinet and put your spices on your refrigerator. Gneiss Spice offers blank and spice-filled magnetic glass jars and there are plenty of magnetic tin sources (such as the World Market).

  1. Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Holder


In a small kitchen, a best magnetic knife holder is a no-brainer. You can install them on your wall or suggest a double magnetic frame you can place on your fridge if you are a renter. And you're not limited to knives – hang up any metal utensils you want.

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