October 10th, 2019 by chrisjenlifestyle

8 Must-Have Features for Every Modern Master Bathroom

Before work, your master bathroom should be more than just a place to have a shower, soothing and calming should be your own place.

Once upon a time, having a master bath en suite was a luxury. Today, modern technology and design will create a spa-like experience for your master bathroom. Whether you're saving for a remodel or designing your new home redesign, we're putting together a list of 8 must-have features for your dream bathroom.



Relationships are hard enough without your loved one having to share a bath. Just as you have "your" side of the bed, having your own sink with plenty of counter space around it is something rewarding and soothing.


This makes mirrors with LED lighting that is integrated and customizable. The dark shadows and unflattering angles are gone the variable light means the sun will always fall beautifully on you no matter how tall you are.


The hands-free soap dispenser is a waterproof and hygienic product. It's easy to set up this bathroom and kitchen accessory. You can either mount it on the wall or inside the toilet maintain it standing alone. The technology of the infrared sensor provides the soap without touching. Motion sensor soap dispenser features an infrared sensor that detects the energy that comes from human body heat when you bring a hand under the pump. It activates the pump and without unnecessary spillages dispenses the soap.
The convenience and convenience make it an essential gadget for the bathroom. It is an automated system that does not involve the dispenser's hand contact.


Not only do curbless showers add value to your house, but they also ooze comfort and elegance as well. Glass enclosures bring a sense of transparency to the bathroom.


A sauna or steam tub, even in hot climates, is a great addition to a master bathroom. A sauna built for two is not going to take up a lot of space and while they look like a luxury top-dollar product, installation costs are likely lower than you think.


Wall-mounted heated towel racks are just beginning to make their appearance in American bathrooms, a popular sight in most European bathrooms. They keep your towels hot in cold climates, in humid climates; they keep your towels clean and fresh smelling.


A wall-mounted magnetic strip is a space-savvy gadget for your home. Installing and hanging through hardware mounting is simple. The powerful and strong magnet of the knife strip holds the metallic items tightly for comfort and ease.
• A magnetic knife holder strip can be used in the office to hang stationery products such as clips, pins, hang key chains in the drawing-room, hang steel instruments in the garage, etc.
• It fits with the cupboards to make additional space for makeup, hair, and other metal accessories.
• It is ideal for hanging jewelry as well.


Because your morning routine should be a seamless experience, the master bedroom, and the bathroom are perfect for having your walk-in closet attached. You can choose to create your wardrobe with a single entrance from a small hallway connecting the bathroom and bedroom or with two entrances at either end, depending on the space. You can customize Pianca walk-in closets to suit any setup.

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