July 29th, 2014 by chenson

3 Kids Story

There is this A kid, he has two good friends, they are being named as Clever Kid B and Lazy Kid C respectively. They all came from totally different family backgrounds. One day, the Kid A has joined Qnet, he went to tell B and C. B had rejected A, B said that he likes to study, he thinks that only studies may lead him to a worries-free life. C said, is too awesome! I will join you.

Now how about the ending of the story? You will definitely said, A and C have
achieved financial freedom, very wealthy. B must be really poor till the extent of not able to pay his car loan. Part of the answers is correct, but the real ending is that, A is the wealthiest, B can considered don't have to worry about daily meals, living a quite moderate lifestyle. C is the poorest one, job hopping, he will be worrying about the next meal. Why so?

I believed that we have many friends like Kid B, they will have their own
planning, albeit you have told them there are golds to retrieve, they are still very
reluctant to believe it, unless you retrieved it and took their houses and given to them. This type of person at least that they will not be starving, because they are still willing to go for work, but just lacking of freedom, and keep anticipating that you will shift the golds to be gifted to them.

For the past year in the journey of building Qnet, I had seen numerous of kid C.
Because they presumed and assumed that, after paid the RM3000, joined, then they are able to be financially free, and get rich. But they have forgotten that, everything needs to put in effort! Have to work hard! Have to bleed and sweat it out! This of rout of people, albeit they had joined Qnet, but they are much more not ambitious than Kid B, and not to mentioned about the dignity of this group of people.

Your sole thought and decision will be bringing impact to your life after
decades. If you want to be Kid A, B or C, you make the decision. Five years later, if we meet again, I will know that did you really spend your time wisely on the righteous