May 11th, 2013 by Charlotteis

Introducing myself to Ruby.

As of April 2013, I have begun to learn Ruby the programming language. I have wanted to be a web developer for 8-ish years but my pattern is to start a language and give up. That's why I can recognise PHP, JavaScript & jQuery but not actually write anything in it. Yay.

I was made aware of Rails Girls London a short while ago and applied to their London chapter to take part in a free two-day workshop to learn Rails. From that, I decided to go straight to the foundations and fully grasp Ruby itself before developing with Rails/Sinatra/Anything else.

Now; I'm still very much suffering from the recognition of the ease in which I could give up but seem to be pursuing this more than any other language I've tried with. It appears to be a very elegant language and I'm looking forward to progressing.

I'm currently going through "Learn Ruby the Hard Way". I have set up a project on GitHub to track my progress and this also gives me the opportunity to get more familiar with the git command-line interface (CLI).

I've come across some great resources:

  1. The Ruby Weekly Newsletter
  2. The Ruby Show Podcast
  3. The Ruby Sub-Reddit.
  4. The London Ruby User Group

The above are not exactly teaching me Ruby, but if I'm going to learn something I'd like to immerse myself in the culture and the day-to-day, I'm likely to learn little bits along the way too.

In terms of learning; apart from LRTHW, I have some other sites I will be looking into once I'm done with the guide.

  1. Code School's Tutorials
  2. Codecademy's API Tutorials (the ones to do with Ruby)
  3. Videos from Railscasts

This was an introductory post about my my own introduction to Ruby. I hope to use this space to track my progress as I go along.

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