Pro bono work: website for a nonprofit organization for the humanization of birth in Portugal

Built by ana.

WordPress pro bono

The Project

I found out about the hard time this nonprofit was having in updating their website (currently on Weebly). They use their website and Facebook page to get their message to the general public.

Since I know that their work is urgent in Portugal, I felt that it was my obligation to try and help them by building a better website that was easier to manage.

I've been working on this project on my free time so it has been moving slowly, although it is now near completion.

It uses Wordpress and Bueno free theme (Woothemes) that I've been altering through CSS and directly changing and tweaking the template's code. I used Photoshop for their logo since it originally had a white background.

Unfortunately, because of some problems inside this association the website was never live.



Altering the theme

I finally completed altering the theme by using CSS and doing some changes on the theme's PHP code.

April 2013

Migration from local host to remote host

Migrated the website to the remote host so that I can work on it on a better server (I really have to change my local host webserver! It's horrible!)

April 2013