March 29th, 2014 by ana

Never stop learning!

I've been working on several WordPress projects, but mainly I was installing and configuring the themes. Sometimes I needed to change the layout by using CSS, which isn't very challenging.

In spite of being good at doing this I want more!! I feel a bit like I'm doing pretty easy work when I could be coding and I know I can do it! Back in my university days I rocked C and C++ (now I get headaches just thinking about coding C). Nevertheless, I really want to do other kinds of work such as frontend development and getting my hands "dirty" on JavaScript.

I didn't have to think a lot on where to get help to better learn these concepts, I just went to TeamTreeHouse! It was with the help of TeamTreeHouse that I learned more about HTML and CSS and finally understood what the hell was my boyfriend doing when he opened the code inspector and changed those CSS properties and made "magic" happen to those web pages.

So now my personal challenge is to learn everything there is to learn on Media Queries, JavaScript, maybe learn about AngularJS... This is my new adventure!

When I feel like I master these concepts, then my next goal is to get a job, maybe at an agency or at a company, not sure yet, but I want to move to the UK and work there! :) Wish me luck!

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