November 3rd, 2014 by ana

Back in action!

So it's been a while and there's a good reason for that!
I finally moved to London this October. What an adventure!!

We only had two weeks to get everything in boxes and decide what to take with us on the plane. It's funny to see all your belongings in boxes... you get a good notion of all the things you own, and we don't own that much, about 1 sq metre of... miscellaneous stuff! Books and TV included (ok, I own a hell lot of shoes and clothes, but I'm a girl!).

When we arrived we had a temporary house waiting for us, available until the 31st of October. We managed to find a permanent house on the 20th but were only able to move on the 28th! After seeing so many (horrible) houses with tiny and dirty kitchens, mouldy walls, no sunlight.... We finally found a place we can call home.

Now for me starts another adventure: looking for a job. I really don't know what to look for. These past two years I've been working on many projects that required little programming (doing stuff with HTML and CSS doesn't really count as programming) and when I had to program it was with PHP. Since I didn't gain much experience in one single language I feel that now I can start working with either a technology that I already know or a new one, doesn't really matter.

I like web development, it's the present and the future. I think I'm better prepared to work in back-end than front-end (CSS has a whole different mindset). As I said before, recently I have worked with PHP but I've also worked with Python and Django, I've tried a bit of Ruby and Rails, I've even worked with C/C++ . I've spent my last 2 years working with WordPress (a complex and confusing powerful beast).

With all these little bits of experience I can work with any technology (ok, not ANY technology, I really don't want .NET or Java). I'm perfectly aware that I'm nowhere near a senior engineer, more to the junior engineer side.

We'll see what comes along :)

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