The thought machine

~ Ana Sofia Reis

Back in action!

So it's been a while and there's a good reason for that!
I finally moved to London this October. What an adventure!!

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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, nana nana nana!....

Yes, I just started learning Ruby and Rails!!! :D

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Never stop learning!

I've been working on several WordPress projects, but mainly I was installing and configuring the themes. Sometimes I needed to change the layout by using CSS, which isn't very challenging.

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Free course on building your own startup!

How about a free course taught by two Stanford professors on frontend and backend Javascript, Git, AWS, Heroku and much more? I’m in!

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How remote work can be the solution

So yesterday I went to a place near Coimbra called Quinta da Conraria, which is an institution located in a huge rural farm, in a gorgeous place, with an incredible view.

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Living and learning

When you go through college you learn a bit of so many different areas and in some of them you really do excel! But in my experience real learning starts when you start working. I felt precisely that in my entrepreneurial adventure.

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The F is for font, of course!

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How to screenshot a complete webpage?

In my latest projects I’ve been doing a lot of user manuals. Yes, it’s not a pleasant thing to do, but someone has to do it!

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Translation plugin for WordPress

Have you ever been working on a WordPress website and suddenly found the need to translate parts of themes or plugins?

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