APPE Hero!

Can you survive pharmacy rotations and become an APPE hero?

Built by AllisonDellinger.

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The Project

APPE Hero! is a pharmacy student simulation game where you become a P4 and tackle the challenges of rotations. Counsel patients, check prescriptions, email your preceptors for advice and get the job of your dreams.

APPE Hero! is part-game, part-pharmacy review that gives students a taste of what rotations will be like. Each rotation will have tasks to complete, patients to counsel, and drug information questions to answer, as well as situations that will test a student's professionalism. Players can customize their rotation experience for their pharmacy interests, and select a job offer according to their priorities. The game is appropriate for current pharmacy students or people who are curious about the pharmacist's experience.

Game content, art and music by Allison Dellinger
Programmimg by Brian Dellinger

APPE Hero!



We have a title screen! And theme music! Once the game really gets underway, I will make a website for its development. Meanwhile, I can say that we have art for one of six pharmacy students, and the opening "quiz" to sort the player into different rotations.

Our planned rotations to choose between are:

Community: large retail; small independent; mid-size with flu clinic
Hospital: large with many pharmacists; small with centralized pharmacy only; mid-sized with elderly-focus
Ambulatory Care: Glucose, INR & cholesterol monitoring in the outpatient setting; medication review in office setting
Acute Care: Cardiology; Internal Medicine; Respiratory; Infectious Disease; Oncology; Psychiatry
Geriatrics: Patient education & counseling focus; medication review focus
Electives: Compounding; Veterinary Pharmacy; Pharmacy Management; Pediatrics; Teaching; Critical Care

That's 22 different rotations, with activities, drug info questions, patient interviews, and professionalism situations to design, as well as 22 different preceptors and dozens of patients to draw. It's not a comprehensive list of everything one can do on rotations, but I feel like it's a good start.

Our practice rotation, to make sure the program runs and is worth pursuing, will be a large retail community pharmacy. This is because I have the most experience working in such a pharmacy. I will need input from a lot of my fellow students and pharmacists to help with material for some of the other rotations.

I'm really enjoying seeing the basics come together. I look forward to eventually posting screencaps and, someday, the demo!

May 2013