June 17th, 2013 by AllisonDellinger

Life (6/17/13)

A family member passed away this past week, so life, including pharmacy, has been put on hold for the past bit. We are also packing up our apartment for the move to Pennsylvania, and I am studying in anticipation of receiving my ATT (authorization to test) for the boards.

Next week will see the return of my weekly journal club, further progress on APPE HERO!, and hopefully an update on my licensing process.

I have learned that I need to study more about palliative care. My parents had great difficulty understanding what it meant for my grandmother, and felt like the important decisions were out of their hands. It was useful, if frightening, to be on the caregiver/family side of healthcare communication gone slightly wrong. I wish I could have been more closely involved with her care and communicating with her doctors, but everything happened pretty quickly.

Until next week.

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