Weekly Journal Club

~ Allison Dellinger

Life (6/17/13)

A family member passed away this past week, so life, including pharmacy, has been put on hold for the past bit. We are also packing up our apartment for the move to Pennsylvania, and I am studying in anticipation of receiving my ATT (authorization to test) for the boards.

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No Journal Club

This week (6/3) I needed to set journal club aside due to family health issues. I will try to update either later this week or pick up again next week.

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Methimazole and Graves' Disease

I discovered last year that I have Graves' Disease, an autoimmune disease that causes overproduction of thyroid hormone. It was pretty frightening to have something I honestly hadn't paid a lot of attention to in class come to life, making my heart race and making exertion difficult. I also hadn't noticed the slow building of anxiety because I'd just started APPEs. Once I started on methimazole, my symptoms resolved pretty quickly. My heart slowed down, my anxiety drifted away, and my weight rose. (Eep!) Having recently gotten news that my thyroid panel is low-normal instead of being crazy-high, I have had Graves' on the brain. Thus my article selection for this week.

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The ASTRONAUT Randomized Trial

While I'm not in school or working, I wanted to motivate myself to stay informed about new clinical trials, so starting today (Monday, 5/20/13) I am going to begin posting a weekly "journal club" on my website.

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