Conceptualization of a service to order professional hair services

Built by algraebe.

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The Project

As part of this very young Silicon Valley startup, I conceptualized a service to reach our vision: Offer an easy & intuitive service to find and order professional hair services to the door step. Key activities included ...
- Interviews with hair professionals to understand their tasks & needs
- Identification of key stakeholder obstacles and mechanisms to overcome those
- Finding useful APIs for geo-tagging of hair professionals
- Conceptualization of the app flows ( <5 clicks to order a hair service)
- Conceptualization of an infrastructure to being able to scale fast
- Generation of a business model
- Conceptualization of a teaser onepage for advertising purposes

WIP: Swifty


Project Kickoff

Discussions about requirements and identification of key stakeholders as well as their tasks and needs

July 2013