Creation of a web-based 1on1 SQL game

Built by algraebe.

SQL ajax REST Bootstrap API Competition web-based SAP HANA Awesome Fonts AwesomeFonts highscores

The Project

As part of my internship, I successfully developed a web-based SQL challenge. This game has been used at various occasions like the PLUGin meetups @ SAP or the Intern Hack Festival @ Microsoft. Key highlights:
- Connection to SAP HANA database
- REST API with SAP XS engine (stateless services & DB access)
- Competition implementation done with AJAX calls in the frontend
- Usage of Bootstrap, Awesome Fonts and CSS animations (Animate.css) for the frontend
- Query result-set is displayed in a console-like area at the bottom of the page
- Additional UI for the highscores (player name, time, rounds) based on Bootstrap

SAP HANA SQL Challenge (internal)


Project Finalization & Launch

Launch of the finalized game

June 2013

Project Kickoff

Discussions about the technical realization and the frontend implementation

May 2013