Teaser Website for an internal developer event

Built by algraebe.

javascript js responsive full screen slider teaser Bootstrap storytelling call to action stock image

The Project

As part of my internship in Palo Alto I developed a teaser website for an internal developer event. We successfully created awareness and made people excited. The event was a huge success - PLUGin has been rolled out worldwide now! Key activities included ...
- Storytelling: Creation of a story to speak to our developers and make them excitied about the event
- Identification of appropriate stock images
- Usage of a full-screen JS image slider
- Customization of the JS image slider in order to highlight one certain slide (Call to Action)
- Responsive layout based on Bootstrap & Awesome Fonts social icons

PLUGin (internal)


Project Kickoff

Creation a story to tell & identification of appropriate stock images

August 2013

Website Launch

Launching the teaser website to make people excited about the event.

August 2013