Alexander Graebe

Leader. Advocate. Author. Researcher.

As a kid from Siberia, I was thrown into cold water when my family moved to Germany at the age of 8. I asked myself questions that other kids didn't: Why am I different? Why do people behave in a certain way? How does environment shape their lives? After trying to cope with all these questions, my attention moved to technologies: How do PCs work? How can I get them to do things I would like to? Without further ado, I was thrilled to answer all the geeky questions: I started reading books, got my first job in order to earn enough money to assemble my own PC, and I developed my first applications… Guess what? I kept on doing so until today! I didn't lose my curiosity, but the questions that bother me nowadays are different and more business-related: Why does company culture have such a great impact on innovations? Why do certain products fail? How can I get my users to fall in love with my products? I don't hesitate to rethink existing patterns and approaches and I'm tackling problems with empathy by considering different perspectives!

➫ can develop applications using state-of-the-art technologies?
➫ can help you understand what your user's needs are?
➫ can speak fluent geek, designer, marketer, and manager?
➫ you can hang out and have a beer with after a hard business day?

My name is Alex, and if you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this may be the the most important Hoverboard profile you will read today!

I'm looking for a job and I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out to contact@mygraebe.de if you want to talk about job opportunities, technology, innovation or basketball.

➫ Organize and conduct workshops, Coach multidisciplinary groups
➫ Lean and Agile, Design Thinking, Innovations, Entrepreneurship, Business Model Generation
➫ JS, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, CMS, SEO, APIs
➫ Java, C#, ObjectiveC, SQL, Persistence, REST-Services, Continuous Integration, SCRUM

design thinking Entrepreneurship API Coaching business model generation Databases js writing NodeJS research leadership React


Innovation Management Intern

SAP Labs, Palo Alto / Walldorf

Facilitation of the worldwide Design Thinking initiative at SAP (teaching and coaching). In addition, I'm using my frontend development skills to support my team ("Developer Empowerment and Culture") to make their projects look great.

February 2013 - Present

Student Business Informatics (M.Sc)

University of Mannheim, Mannheim

Masters studies with focus on information systems and software development to deepen my knowledge and experiences in the following areas: innovations, agile and lean methodologies as well as management and organization of technical companies.

February 2012 - Present